An Artist and an Idea

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You're an idea, time to be realized, January 23, 2023
by Scrooge200 (Backwater, Vermont)

An Artist and an Idea is a cute little Twine game. You take the form of an "idea" inside an artist's head; no emotions, no physical form, just a want to be realized. You first get to decide when to appear in your artist's head, and then you can slip away or stay put.

The game's presentation starts with white text on a black screen, but when the idea is being realized, the colors switch and it uses a more handwriting-style font. At this point, you can decide which emotion you want to convey, reflect on the artist's memories, and then remember the people he's met.

With the game's ending screen, you're given a small sketch, alongside a paragraph of text. No matter what image you get, the message is hopeful and optimistic, with the idea finally realized and hoping it can be developed further. Subsequent runs will take you less time, but you can click different options to see if you get a different sketch at the end. There are six endings total, which is a good amount for a game this size. I'd recommend playing this one to see how the idea turns out for you.

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