Untold Riches

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A short, simple puzzle game about pirates and treasure with two main goals, February 3, 2016
by MathBrush
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This is an IFComp 2015 game, and was written to be a clear and simple example for middle school students to learn about writing games. In this game, you wash up on an island after a pirate attack, and need to find treasure on your own, without the guide of your professor.

You have frequent humorous memories about your time with the professor, providing much of the humor of the game.

You have two main goals in the game:(Spoiler - click to show)find the treasure, and get off the island. Both goals are fairly simple; if you get stuck, what to do next is fairly well-clued, although I did forget to examine the scenery at one point, getting stuck for a while.

Hopefully, the author will release the source code at some point, as it was specifically meant to help people learn to write in Inform.

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