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Death Song

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A great side story within the realm of Necromancer, December 15, 2020

Read Necromancer
Read Death Song

Read Necromancer (by the same author) first. It's responsible for the greater world events that take place in the story, and is very important to fleshing out the setting of the world. This story would be less interesting without that additional context, and there are references to elements of that story which are not explained in this one. Feel free to stop reading now to avoid spoilers.

Death Song is a sequel to Necromancer where the events occur at the same time. The branching style is still in the same, satisfying Cave of Time style, and has the same effect of providing more background information as you read the side passages you missed the first time, to enrich the overall setting.

Instead of a power trip, however, you play the opposing role of someone helpless to stop the events around them, which play out according to (Spoiler - click to show)the "true" path where the necromancer succeeds, ultimately. Thus there is no (Spoiler - click to show)winning scenario in the game; this doesn't make the game any less interesting for its variety and the actions you take (and you can play parts in world events of the associated story game, of course!).

Once again: read Necromancer, then read this for the best effect.