Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amanda

by D. A. Leary

Episode 4 of the Unnkulian series
Fantasy, Satire

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The best so far of the Unnkulia series; more mature and better-developed, February 4, 2016

This game redeemed my opinion of the Unnkulia series. Up to now, they had been juvenile and full of lame humor, especially Unnkulia 1/2 (written as an ad for this game). However, this game seemed to have grown up a little bit more.

The game references all previous games, with locations like Dawg Rock and Dragon's Lair for Unnkulia II and the grate, lake, and some underground areas of Unnkulia I. It also openly (by name) references Colossal Cave Adventure on several occasions, including a dwarf that throws knives at you in a cave and a toll bridge/troll bridge/stoll bridge.

This game is completely overshadowed by Curses! which came out the same year, and which had a coherent, interesting plot and incredible production values.

For fans of the Unnkulia series, this is the best so far (I haven't tried The Legend Lives! yet, which I hear is good).

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