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A Little Gem, April 23, 2015
by Jeremy Hollobon (New Zealand)

This is a fun, charming and compact little adventure which I highly recommend.

Steph Cherrywell has developed her own unique mythos, then teased out the core ideas into myriad of satisfying little details. The result is an original, clever and cohesive world, which is a delight to explore.

I was reminded a little of science-fiction exploration/puzzle games such as Infocom's Planetfall, but without the now overly-familiar tropes from that era. And although Chlorophyll contains elements of mystery, drama, and adventure, it's the humour (frequently light-hearted and occasionally hilarious) which elevates the overall experience to such heights.

Another point of difference is that you're not in the role of a faceless, ageless, gender-neutral person. On the contrary, you're... well, you'll see.

The game is small enough to complete in an hour or two, and I never felt the need to draw a map (both of which I consider to be pluses!)

I thought the handful of puzzles were very good: well-balanced, integrated into the story, and most importantly, logical. I suspect that more experienced players may consider some of the puzzles to be a bit on the easy side, but personally I was happy to keep the story moving forward without getting bogged down. And there are a few red herrings thrown in to keep it from being a cakewalk.

The level of polish seems to me to be commendable, both in terms of prose, and the game's implementation. I look forward to more from this talented author!