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- necromancer, April 20, 2016

- E.K., November 13, 2014

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Good Gameplay and witty text, November 13, 2014
by Brett
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This is one of the few games that wins my praise just by the text..there may be typography errors but the overall meaning is conveyed well.

The game has several pathways and all of them contain an aspect or two to which working people can relate to at one time or another..

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short narrative about the mundane nature of modern white-collar life, November 30, 2013
by streever (America)

This is a CYOA take on the white-collar grind--think Office Space without the absurdist humor--which examines the tedium and pointlessness of modern office work.

There are many typographic errors and a few grammatical errors as well. This is a work that needed some proofreading and copy-editing, and could benefit from a quick clean-up on some of the most well-worn phrasing.

Visually the game is attractive, and the cyclical nature of it was interesting and communicated the tone effectively.

It reminded me of "My Name Is Tara Sue", a strong text game about white-collar misery which was recently released. If you enjoyed Workday Choices, I highly recommend My Name is Tara Sue.

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