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Interactive Fiction by PaperBlurt

Capsule, by PaperBlurt (2014)
(14 ratings)
Alone. In space. A vessel the size of Wales, floating through the endless night. You are the keeper of millions of people. But what might be happening in Sector 24-R?

TUNDRA, by PaperBlurt (2015)
(8 ratings)
You wake up. Walking. On a tundra. You're cold. Where are you? How did you end up here?

TWEEZER, by Richard Goodness and PaperBlurt (2014)
(4 ratings)
Congratulations! Your essay, "20 Reasons Why I Would Like To Visit Tuisere" has won Triptacular Magazine's "Let's Send You To Tuisere" contest! See the sights during your three day, three night...

Capsule II - The 11th Sandman, by PaperBlurt (2015)
(12 ratings)
There's this pause on the Makida every time the current Sandman goes back into the cryotube, and before the new one awakes. A certain calm where all is still. The Makida's dull hum is heard, but...

SKATE OUT!, by PaperBlurt (2015)
(6 ratings)
It's time to be skatin' and NOT think about what really happened last summer... ...a spiritual successor to my Twine "20 Strokes"... (a very short little project made for the "Finish A Game" Jam)

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