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Annoying, August 20, 2009

I actually couldn't get very far into this game. The interface annoyed me. The rooms did not list the exits, and only sometimes gave hints as to where the exits were in the game description. In order to get a list of the exits, you actually have to try and move in a direction you cannot move in. There is no 'exit' command, there is no feature which lists the exits as many other such games have. Combined with the incredible sparseness of the descriptions, this leads to incredible annoyances. For example in one room on a city street the exits are west and east, but neither direction leads back into that room. Actually, if you head west, you find that heading east leads you to a locked gate, which had nothing to do with the room you were previously in. This is bad room design.

The puzzles I saw in the portion of the game I completed also made little sense. This may be fine for interactive fiction when it was made back in 1995, but seems a bit outdated today. If my brother called me to visit him, why do I have to go through several complicated puzzles to break into his college, instead of just having him meet me outside? Obviously there is an answer - it turns out he's vanished - but the fact that he does not meet you and that you have to break into the college isn't really remarked upon. Honestly, I'm not sure why people rate this one so high...I just found it a bother. I gave it a three because of its age; if it was new I'd give it a two.

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Deboriole, September 9, 2011 - Reply
Actually, if you look at the map at the beginning of the game you will see there are 4 streets that make a square. When you go "w" the description says you cross a bridge and turn left (implying you rounded the corner). I agree that the directions are confusing at first, but the game is totally worth getting past that. Once you get inside the campus, the directions become much clearer. This is my favorite game so I had to swoop in and defend it! :)
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