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Moments Out of Time: RENEGADE Type, by L. Ross Raszewski   August 22, 2009
"My problems with this game are the same as my problems with the first game. Interface. For example, the first thing I noticed upon..." - See the full review

Dead of Winter, by Gunther Schmidl   August 21, 2009
"I have no idea what to make of this. You can finish it in under 10 minutes, and it seems to have two endings. I can tell how the endings..." - See the full review

The Edifice, by Lucian P. Smith   August 21, 2009
"Wonderfully put together, with a feel to it that reminds me of a combination between civilization, the intro of 2001, and an exploration..." - See the full review

Christminster, by Gareth Rees   August 20, 2009
"I actually couldn't get very far into this game. The interface annoyed me. The rooms did not list the exits, and only sometimes gave..." - See the full review