Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale

by Kreg Segall

Episode 1 of Jolly Good
Comedy Adventure

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Great but overwhelming, February 6, 2021

Great game, brilliantly written, with quirky and memorable characters and a plethora of wildly differing paths and choices.

...yes, plethora. I guess I prefer somewhat humbler games; Cakes and Ales often had me overwhelmed with its numerous and neverending branches, and I didn't overly enjoy having to 'drop' some intriguing paths in favour of others. It feels kind of ridiculous to call out an interactive game on providing you with too many choices, but that's really my honest impression.

If the following books manage to compensate for the sacrifices made in Cakes and Ale and/or satisfyingly tie up the loose ends (I firmly believe the latter is pretty much guaranteed), I might go back and adjust the rating accordingly.