Der Angstbaum

by Jens Bojaryn


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My first if-game ever, February 18, 2011
by Guenni (At home)

Since I'm from Germany, I stumbled over text adventures on a German website for blind gamers. It sounded interesting so I tried it. Luckily it's the ideal game for newbies. At least it was for me. The story made sense. It wasn't boring, but I also was never at a point where I didn't know what to do next. Don't get me wrong. There's a fair share of possible mistakes. (What better way to teach about the use of the save command.) But at least for me, it was always a case of: ok a doesn't work so let's try b. So if you know some German, like fairytalelike stories and aren't disappointed if your brain doesn't oze out of your ears while you try to solve the puzzles, you should definitely try this game.