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Short and intentionally dumb. For fans of Pick Up the Phone Booth and Die., February 3, 2016

You are a chef! is a short and purposely dumb game. The game has bad spelling and grammar, poorly defined locations, and mainly consists of picking up ingredients falling from the sky.

The humor is that of Pick Up the Phone Booth and Die: make a minimalist game with dumb puzzles. Some people don't like it; I admit, I chuckled the first time I played it.

I came up with an interesting hypothesis as I played the game. Everytime you put an item in the pot, the game says:

"Good work Chef!!! But you must find more!! Ingrredients!!"

This game came out in 2000. Savoir-Faire came out in 2002. I suspect Emily Short found this message amusing and incorporated it into her game, as the cooking device in that game says almost the same thing with similar punctuation. In fact, I have to wonder if a lot of the food puzzle in Savoir-Faire was somehow born out of an attempt to make this game into something with more substance, in which case, she succeeded. It is also possible that they are both referencing something earlier; I don't know.

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Christina Nordlander, September 23, 2015 - Reply
I've heard from other reviewers that the cooking machine's responses in Savoir-Faire were a reference to this game, so I think that's the correct answer.
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