Werewolf House: Synthincisor

by Andy Kneis


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Joke Game With Bells and Whistles, October 26, 2018

I imagine there are 9 year-old boys who would devise a story with an EDM DJ as a heroic character and take it all very seriously. Thankfully, Werewolf House: Synthincisor is intentionally complete nonsense, and was not, as far as I can tell, created by an 9 year-old, though the images in the game may have been.

As well as primative images, most of which are animated, the game also has a pretty servicable soundtrack that develops as you finish sections, adding amusingly appropriate new instrumentation (beating the skeleton adds a xylophone sound to the track, for example). The font and UI have also been customized. Altogether, this is a pretty full package for a joke game.

Some will call the author's sense of humor eclectic and surreal; some will say random and childish. Personally, something made me grin on almost every screen, and that's pretty good going. Thanks to Mr. Kneis for the laugh and I look forward to his next game.

This game is very short (15 minutes, maybe?) with no way to lose as far as I can tell, just so you know what to expect.