Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret

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Jim and Eric's Excellent Adventure , December 8, 2019

Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret is a fun and well-written, if lamentably short, text adventure. The puzzles are well-executed, and are not overly difficult. I was interested in the auto-correct feature (which took me by surprise with my first typo); though imperfect (it mistook my intentional “glove” for “love”), it is a vast improvement on the standard TADS reminder to use the OOPS command. The gentle nudges to input text when I had sat too long in thought were annoying to this seasoned player, but I was interested enough in the feature itself to leave it enabled to see what else it might nudge me about. And that is a really nice feature for brand new players.

Clever programming aside, the story was engaging and enjoyable. Ultimately I just wish that the game had been longer and that I had had more time to interact with a certain character.

As a beginning TADS programmer, I appreciate having access to the source code and will doubtless dig in to see the details I missed on my first run through.

My standard for what constitutes a good game is, Is it enjoyably replayable? MPNS is, and is also favorably memorable.

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