Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret

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This was my first IF game, and I LOVED it!, February 1, 2016

Ok, I gave this game five stars. Why? On its own it is more of a four star game. However, this was my first IF game. I played text adventures back in the 80's, but I wanted to see how they were presented today. I saw this game won some competitions and it seemed to be newb-friendly so I gave it a shot. I loved it. I loved it so much it inspired me to try more Interactive Fiction and even to start learning Inform 7 so I can try my hand at my own stories. So overall it is a four star game, but I gave it five as not only was the game fun, it opened a new world for me. Thanks Jim and Eric!

As a side note, one thing I found fun with Interactive Fiction is not only completing the game without the use of hints, but to go back and find the least amount of steps needed to complete the game with a full score. My record for Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret is 88 steps to complete the game with the max score. Can you beat it?