Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret

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Not just for beginners..., January 4, 2012

Initially I was put off by the fact that this game was labeled as a children's game. Seeing that the reviews emphasized it's appropriateness for beginners, I wasn't all that interested in playing it. However, the title had intrigued me enough that one day I decided to give it a try anyway. I'm glad I did! I liked this game. It was fun to play and very well implemented. The descriptions of rooms & objects and outdoor scenery made me feel like I was right there in the story. (It's actually been a few months since I played the game & I can still picture every room. This is also helped by the fact that, in it's entirety, the area to explore was limited to a house and yard... a fact which I thoroughly enjoyed. No getting lost in this game!) Playing & experimenting with objects was fun... it's clear that the authors paid much attention to detail when implementing the game. I also enjoyed the fantasy/magic aspect. While, in an actual fantasy game, the events in Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret would be quite commonplace & possibly even blasť, when placed within a modern-day neighborhood setting, the odd magical elements are mysterious & rather exciting. I recommend this game to beginners & advanced players alike. It may not be challenging for everyone, but it's worth a play anyway, if simply for the sake of the story and the fun interactions within it's setting.

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Ghalev, January 4, 2012 - Reply
I think it's a much better game for adults than children, really. As a youngster, games like this (which, at the time, were mostly in CYOA form) genuinely offended me (in part due to their assumption that I'd have _any_ interest in fantasizing about _being a kid,_ when I was already stuck as a kid ... I wanted my fantasy-avatar to be someone like Han Solo or Jim DiGriz or at least Jack Burton or Arthur Dent). As an adult, I enjoyed this game as a well-implemented, nostalgic romp where the twee condescension wasn't aimed at me directly.
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