For Eternity, Again and Again

by TheChosenGiraffe

Fantasy, romance, adventure

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Brief, branching twine game about fate and the universe, November 22, 2023
by MathBrush
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This is a twine game that uses some simple branching and rejoining to tell a short story. In the absence of state tracking and styling, its stripped down to just the essentials of twine. Such a story can be amazing or awful, depending mostly on the storytelling.

This game has 2 main paths and four different endings. I played through once, backed up and tried another path, and then looked at the code. The code gave me a much deeper appreciation for the game, as I hadnít checked out the other 2 paths. They strongly complement the other paths, so I highly recommend playing through at least three paths to see how things go.

Itís a shorter game, and all the paths tell of a cycle of rebirth and of timelines in a universe that has gone wrong. It also focuses on love.

Overall, itís pretty slight and small, but I loved the storytelling trick with the different paths. The game could benefit a bit from more work; for instance, there were numerous typos in the early game, around 1 per screen that I noticed. Other than that, it seems like a complete story as envisioned by the author.

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