Party Foul

by Brooks Reeves

Humor, Slice of life

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I became the PC, April 13, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

Rarely do I play an IF game and really get the feeling of BEING the PC. Party Foul did this for me. Even being a man, I was put into the POV of the female character as she tries to find a way to leave the party, collect her husband, coat, and casserole dish, without setting the house on fire. (And I really tried to microwave the butter knife, or put it in the toaster to stop the party early!).

The author really thought this through and implemented so much of the game. The NPCs seemed genuine, even when they didn't quite interact with ME the way I WANTED them to, they would speak to each other and make comments based on my actions that made the game feel real. I even got to feel my wife's frustration when the husband wouldn't stop watching football and help me leave the party!

The game is kind of tricky, too. It's not just a conversation game. You really have to use all your IF tricks to wake up the fat drunk guy laying on your coat, or to get the TV off so you can make your husband leave, or to get the pregnant lady to stop eating your treats so you can take the casserole dish. Definately a fun and worthwile play, whether you're interested in IF for the writing, or for the puzzles.

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