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Gothic fantasy and simple fun, June 15, 2021
by Felix Pleșoianu (Bucharest, Romania)

You learn something new every day. For example, that people still made games in TADS 2 as late as 2015. Or that the same TADS 2 has a CYOA library. Good to know!

As for the game itself, it's a light romp cobbled together from Gothic horror cliches with a sprinkling of generic fantasy. It's a short game with little text, well-suited for a kid for example. Surprise deaths abound, but "undo" works. Choices are mostly well-clued however, more so than in other similar games, so that shouldn't be an issue. Supposedly it's replayable, too, but I didn't try.

And that's about all there is to say about Castle of Doom, but you know what? Sometimes a light snack is the best thing. Just don't expect more.

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