Lady Thalia and the Seraskier Sapphires

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Episode 1 of Lady Thalia
Humor, Crime, Historical

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A heist game in 3 acts with puzzles and conversational mechanics, April 9, 2021
by MathBrush
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This game does a lot of good things, and really drew me in.

You play as a nouveau-riche socialite who is also a catburglar/art thief.

Gameplay revolves around two mechanics: conversation and puzzles.

The conversation consists of choosing one of three attitudes: Friendly, Direct, and Leading On (?) (I can't quite remember what they stood for). Most conversations last 2-4 choices and you have to use the feedback you get from the NPC to determine if you are making the right choices or not, so there is some allowance for mistakes.

The puzzles consist of both strategizing (often the choice is between being fast and risky or quiet and slow) and text-entry. I liked the last puzzle quite a bit.

I found the Gwen character a little annoying, but enjoyed the MC a lot. If you're a fan of Alias the Magpie, I think you'll enjoy this too.

Note: The many save files available were great. I decided not to try and get a perfect game, but I did use one save once to recall what someone had said many turns earlier.

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