The Mamertine

by K Vella

Escape Room

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Cool twine world model demo with confusing plot/layout, May 15, 2023
by MathBrush
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This game is a demo for a Twine engine that lets you pick up things, move around, open things, etc.

The system works pretty well for me and looks cool, I think it'd be fun to have more games like this in the future.

The game itself was a bit confusing for me. You kind of pass out and wake up in a labyrinth with nothing but an old man for a companion. It's basically just a big maze, and at one point I thought I had gotten locked out, so I restarted, and ended up in the same spot, but then found something new and interesting, so I went to try it out on a room I remembered, but then it wasn't there any more...I eventually found an ending that seemed 'real' but overall the plot was disconnected and the maze wasn't super exciting. I feel like a lot of the elements of a great game were there, but just needed something more to glue it together.

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