The Realistic Nascar eXperience

by Nathaniel Tayerle


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You turn left. Then you turn left. , August 30, 2013
by Hanon Ondricek (United States)

I guess the joke is that the Nascar track is an oval, and the race consists of nothing but left turns.

Not at all realistic, nor funny in the least, other than the idea that (Spoiler - click to show)You go straight and turn left a couple of alternating times to win the game.

It took me longer to obtain this file than it did to play it. It's hosted on one of those sites that makes you wait several seconds to download if you don't sign up and pay for a premium account. There are multiple download buttons, and the obvious one I pushed downloaded a setup program for a browser I did not want. Why not host this game on the IF Archive for free like every other game?

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Mostly Useless, August 30, 2013 - Reply
On the bright side, at least your car is as good looking as ever and able to jump, albeit without fruit.
Hanon Ondricek, August 31, 2013 - Reply
Hanon Ondricek, August 31, 2013 - Reply
Okay, perhaps I was a bit grumpy after getting the wrong file from the download manager and then finishing it in about six turns, but I pretty much predicted the joke from the title. You describe the game as "realistic" and "funny," but the descriptions are minimal. It felt like it took more work to download than to program the game.

I know that's the joke, but I would have liked a little more "realism" in the way of overwrought descriptions. Perhaps if there had been a ridiculously complicated sequence of choosing a name, choosing the car, then upgrading the car, selecting the pit crew, then tweaking the car, and choosing the tires, and choosing a sponsor who gives you more money to upgrade the car, then a decision of how to arrange the sponsor sticker on the car, a decision of what color uniform to wear and whether to allow a helmet cam, what to eat for breakfast before the race, whether to break of with your wife or have an affair, choice of gum or smokeless tobacco right before the race, then perhaps a warbly version of the national anthem by a country singer whom you might also choose...*then* the minimal race that has nothing to do with the choices you made but includes some overwrought color commentary of what the other cars were doing "[INSERT NAME] makes the left in car {NUMBER] sponsored by [INSERT SPONSOR HERE], did you know he enjoys [INSERT SMOKELESS TOBACCO] and is hanging in there like a champ since he [JUST BROKE UP WITH HIS WIFE]...that might have been funny. Perhaps you could do this in the potentially upcoming Realistic Nascar Simulator 2K14.
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