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- Denk, March 27, 2019

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A large, linear worklife/conspiracy game , February 4, 2016

Above and Beyond is a pretty large and well-polished game. You play a programmer on their first day of work; the first third consists of getting into work after losing your card, the second third consists of getting a form signed by jumping through exhausting hoops, and the third is an endgame dealing with a conspiracy.

The feel is a mixture of spy stuff and extreme tedium of work. The walkthrough is 600 moves or so.

I was pretty impressed with this game. It's linear and hard, but it's fun walking through a dozen rooms with 2-4 offices each and meet all of the workers.

- Egas, August 4, 2013

- Matt Poush (Des Moines, Iowa), January 11, 2008

- PDearmore (Central New York), October 22, 2007

Baf's Guide

Skullduggery in an office environment. Your first day at a new job yields ceaseless snooping around and breaking rules, partly due to the mundane frustrations of the workplace, but ultimately tying into the mysterious disappearance of several coworkers. Gameplay is organized into three chapters, each of which is pretty much linear - in particular, the last section basically consists of a sequence of locked or guarded doors. Good programming, good sense of place, several very fiddly multi-stage puzzles, lots of characters (although only a few truly distinct ones). Careful attention to the text is necessary; many subtle hints are not repeated. One nice feature is the "winnable" command, which lets you know if you've locked yourself out of victory (although the reply can be rendered inaccurate by time limits in a few places). Features built-in hints that gently guide you onto the right path without revealing solutions.

-- Carl Muckenhoupt

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