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Very nice CYOA!, August 7, 2013
by Hanon Ondricek (United States)

This appears to be a web version of what I'm guessing is an actual CYOA book. The presentation is very slick with appropriate images, and clean buttons and borders. The text is offered in Portuguese and English, although it took me a few minutes to guess that a white flag with a red cross is England because I'm a dumb American...(Could I really have gotten through nearly forty years without ever learning the flag of England? Perhaps it's because English people don't shove it in people's faces and have it burned in effigy in other countries and emblazon it across their giant car hoods like we do. My apologies, England: Your flag is understated and stylish, just like your culture...but I digress.) This story was not done with any known development system (it's labelled as "custom")...but I'd love to see a template for Twine that produced something of this quality.

It's one of those where you die with little warning by entering the wrong room, and there's no "rewind" option, so I did not finish in the limited time I took with it. I am impressed though, at the very well-put together package.

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Mostly Useless, August 7, 2013 - Reply
Regarding the flag, it's probably because we usually use the Union Flag (or Union Jack, as it's more commonly known, though that usage should actually only apply to flags flown on sailing vessels) rather than our own. In fact the red cross on white is really only used for our terrible football team. Also, I accept your apology on behalf of England.
Hanon Ondricek, August 7, 2013 - Reply
That's what I *thought*...I would have recognized the Union Jack! Glad to know I'm not completely crazy.
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