by Ayu Sekarlangit Mokoginta

Slice of life

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A texture game about siblings and loss, November 22, 2023
by MathBrush
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This is a brief Texture game, one where you drag actions over verbs. It looks like several of the Texture games in this comp were written by authors who supported each other, as they retweet each other on twitter, use similar verbs in their games (like THINK and INSPECT) and one mentioned a writing circle. If itís true, then thatís cool, because having people to bounce ideas off of can make for much stronger games.

This is a compelling game about someone receiving a text about a sister who died. You must go to your sisterís apartment and inspect her things, deciding what to do with them.

While they are unrelated, I kind of saw this as a counterpoint to My Brother, the Parasite. That was a dark and unpleasant game about a brother who was very close to the protagonist but also very violent. This is a bittersweet game about a sister who is distant from the protagonist yet left behind a lot of sweet memories. While you canít see everything on one playthrough, I most enjoyed the moments about the big red jacket, as it was a striking visual and a sweet way to remember someone.

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