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House exploration treasure hunt, March 22, 2023
by Scrooge200 (Backwater, Vermont)

Burglar! is a simple treasure hunt. You're a burglar invading someone's wealthy estate, and you have two hours to explore and rob it until they get home.

There are a lot of items to find: some important, some treasures (helpfully marked in bold), and some red herrings. The latter were definitely disruptive, but I can't say I wished they weren't there. They both fueled and foiled some of my crazier plans: for instance, I was trying to catch the cat in my bag and sic it against the dog, or put butter on the legs of a desk so I could move it downstairs. Neither worked, but I had fun trying.

Verb choice was a bit weird here. You can't use "search", but you can "look in" and "look under" items. I wasn't really sure what I could do at first, so some more points in the right direction would have helped. Similarly, I wasn't able to get all the points without a walkthrough. Every playthrough I'd find something new and figure out what to do with it, but there's definitely one or two things I wouldn't have found myself. Thankfully, you can leave the house at any time if you're happy with the treasures you've looted. I was also glad that the optimal solution isn't too time-crunched, so you can still mess up or lose track of a few things and make it out with all the valuables in time.

Still, this is a pretty good game for something made as a coding exercise. It's fun as a small game to play a few times, maybe take notes on, and see how much you can get.