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Good game with one bit of confusion/poor implementation, December 16, 2013
by streever (America)

This is a well-written and fun short game, centered around an optimization puzzle with many possible outcomes.

It is well worth replaying several times, but there is one bit of poor implementation at the end--almost a bug--that could seriously derail your enjoyment and experience.

In general, the game provides such good feedback that the few wonky bits really stuck out--I had to resort to a walk-through to make sure I was on the right track, because the feedback wasn't very clear.

The main problem is one very tightly timed puzzle at the end. If you're a thorough player who tries to take all steps, you will not realize where you're messing up; the game has bundled some actions into one command, and failing to realize this will make you think that you need to do something radically different, despite a plethora of responses that show you as on the correct track.

It is a fun game and well-worth replaying, but I had to resort to a walk through because of bad luck.

I've prepared some hints for people who are getting frustrated, but have already gotten a few endings and tried many different things. These aren't good hints if you've just started the game; these are hints for people who have seen at least one if not two or three endings.

Best ending spoiler hints, from least helpful to most helpful, are below.

(Spoiler - click to show)
Your goal

(Spoiler - click to show)
You need to keep the monster in the room so you can defeat it.

But he doesn't even show up!

(Spoiler - click to show)
You can't do anything to scare him until he is in the room--the monster isn't going to walk into an obvious trap!

But he keeps escaping under the bed

(Spoiler - click to show)
Donald doesn't lie; the sheet belongs under the bed.

Sure I did that but he kills me.

(Spoiler - click to show)
You need to be on the bed when the monster arrives.

OK, so the monster comes in, he can't escape via the bed, my little brother is safe, but he still runs away!

(Spoiler - click to show)
Do you have any items that could make the closet less accessible?

No, I don't.

(Spoiler - click to show)
You're right, there is no inventory item that does that. You'll have to block the closet somehow.

How the heck can I do that?

(Spoiler - click to show)
Maybe you could push something heavy in front of it

I dunno what that would be. Come on, just TELL ME ALREADY.

(Spoiler - click to show)
THE CRIB!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa boy! OK, 1. Monster is in the room. 2. Monster can't escape. 3. KILL IT!

(Spoiler - click to show)
Uhm I can't on account he is a monster and he eats me

Are you using your bare arms???

(Spoiler - click to show)
You need a weapon.

I don't have one.

(Spoiler - click to show)
Yes you do. Just not on you.

I'm too frustrated to think about this! TELL ME WHAT WEAPON.

(Spoiler - click to show)
THE SWORD! Danny is holding it.

Well how the heck can I get that?!?

(Spoiler - click to show)
Do you think Danny cares that he has the sword? He seems half asleep, he must just want to hold ANY thing.

I hate kids. I don't want to figure this out, tell me.

(Spoiler - click to show)
Give Danny something else first--I suggest Donald--and he'll let go of the sword.

OK! I got a weapon! but the monster is still sooooo tough :(

(Spoiler - click to show)
Monsters have ONE WEAKNESS

No they don't they are invulnerable.

(Spoiler - click to show)
Well except we know they are weak against light.

But I don't have a weapon that is like that!

(Spoiler - click to show)
Did you try upgrading your weapon? Maybe you could make your weapon take on a light quality.

No, I don't know how I'd do that.

(Spoiler - click to show)
Don't you have something that makes things GLOW in the blacklight?

Ugh... what?

(Spoiler - click to show)
The laundry detergent makes things glow in black light

AH RIGHT... but! how do I get to it?

(Spoiler - click to show)
it won't dump out. You can't empty that box.


(Spoiler - click to show)
you have to put the sword IN the laundry detergent!

YES! ROCKING! I can hurt the monster! and then he kills me :(

(Spoiler - click to show)
OK, you've done everything right! The issue is a weird timing issue. Monsters don't die from one hit, and you don't want to give them any quarter BE RUTHLESS.

Right, I tried being ruthless, and I never surrendered. BUT IT DIDN'T MATTER. Just tell me the final steps to complete the game. I've come so far!

(Spoiler - click to show)
Yes, you hit the timing issue :( You probably tried to "get off bed" or something first, right? The monster has to be hit 3 times, and you only have 3 turns in which to get it right. Basically, you have to spring your trap the moment he appears, and then just wail away on the subsequent turns.

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tggdan3, December 21, 2013 - Reply
Yeah I really wasn't sure the alternative at the end there. I didn't want it to be as simple as just (Spoiler - click to show) hitting it once and winning, since it took away most of the threat of the game, but the monster could hurt you too- so I went with what in retrospect was probably a bad call. I appreciate the invisiclues style hints you've added in.
streever, December 22, 2013 - Reply
I think it works well, the only thing that really trips me up is that I typically (Spoiler - click to show) got off the bed! I didn't realize that attacking the monster would get me out of bed for free. I don't think it is a bad puzzle, I just think that getting off the bed and examining things should be "free" actions in the timer puzzle.

I enjoyed the game quite a bit--thank you!
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