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Beautifully presented but predictable, November 14, 2017

I can't fault the style: the "annotated manuscript" look and feel is incredibly seductive. Unfortunately, the actual story it's seducing you into is less impressive. A university professor has gone missing while investigating some tunnels under the school. His journal reveals an obsession with an author of a time-travel novel from 100 years ago. You've been brought in as his substitute, and start scouring his journals for clues. Meanwhile, his assistant has been following you around.... If you can't already guess where this is leading, you might get some enjoyment out of this. For me, everything felt utterly, utterly predicable. I could pretty much guess every beat of this story, all the way down to the final "choice": which is the only meaningful choice in the game, the story being highly linear. Still, great presentation though, and I learnt something about "utopian literature", a term I had never heard before.