Horror in the Darkness

by Karmic Shift Studios

Episode 1 of Horror in the Darkness

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"We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity", September 13, 2022
by jakomo
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A very familiar slice of Lovecraftiana, exploring a secluded mansion to uncover the mystery of the residents who seemingly vanished. Anybody who has played The Lurking Horror or Theatre or Anchorhead knows the drill by now. But this is reaching out to an audience of smartphone users who maybe don't have that history, and it does very well in that regard. An intuitive button-based interface, a map and hint system, even background music complement a traditional (world-model based) parser-style text adventure (with no typing). Nicely paced: plot reveals come at regular intervals with each major puzzle solved, and there is a good forward momentum - I counted zero unfair puzzles. Android version is free but offers an IAP to "remove ads" - but I didn't see any ads so don't know what that's about? Pretty short but is followed by three sequels.

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