A Very Dangerous Criminal

by C.C. Hill


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Hey babe, take a walk on the DARK side, October 31, 2020
by jakomo
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I normally associate ChoiceScript with ultra-long epics so it's refreshing to find one that takes only ~30 minutes to complete. A Very Dangerous Criminal starts with the well-trodden urban legend premise of picking up a hitch-hiker while a killer is on the loose. But things soon take a surprising, dark turn. Like, really dark. It goes to some pretty disturbing places. Not for the squeamish.

This was a good, compelling read, with a few annoying grammatical errors that could have been picked up by getting it proof-read first. I could have done without the final coda, where everything is clearly spelled out for the reader, it's likely that most players will have already figured out most of it for themselves by that point. Better to keep things slightly ambiguous for max creepiness. Good effort though: nice to see subversive stuff like this from the overly formulaic ChoiceScript factory.

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