Super Mega Tournament Arc!

by groggydog

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Lengthy tournament-based game with inspo from Rocky and Norse myths, April 16, 2022
by MathBrush
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This is a quite long Twine game about preparing for and fighting in a cyborg boxing tournament.

It comes with custom images, styling and animations, mostly health bars moving up and down and some neater tricks near the end. It has music as well by a person called gigakoops which is pretty good.

The story is about a down-and-out boxer with a loved one needing medical attention. You, the boxer, get some aid from an old man in a run-down gym. Together you train for the big day when the tournament will begin.

Writing-wise, it's a competent and engaging blend of inspiration boxing movie and cyberpunk.

Choice-wise, I was a bit frustrated at first because so many choices were like 'yes', 'yes, but phrased differently', and 'yes, but even another way', with no 'no' in sight. I felt railroaded quite a bit at different times.

There is one major choice, which is which of three stats to focus on. This primarily comes into play late in the game, where high stats unlocking different paths.

The game has some nice narrative swerves, although one of the biggest ones was a double-swerve I didn't see coming. Also, norse mythology ties into the game more and more as the game continues.

Overall, here's what I think:

+Polish: The game is smooth and polished. There were a couple of bugs (my mom was referred to as 'he', and I almost clicked the 'restart' button because the menu moves up and down) but otherwise quite good for such a complex game.
+Descriptiveness: The descriptions were vivid.
-Interactivity: It pulled together at the end, but I felt confined for too much of the game.
+Emotional impact: I was into the story.
+Would I play again? Yeah, I'd like to see other paths.