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Interactive Fiction by groggydog

The Familiar, by groggydog (2023)
(13 ratings)
You are a witch's crow familiar, headstrong as anything but still young and untested. What starts as a normal day soon takes a harrowing turn when your pacific caretaker, Valmai, is struck down by...

Reclamation, by groggydog (2022)
(4 ratings)
Corporate Space, the Year 21XX. You awaken from a month of cryosleep to discover that a missing research vessel has suddenly surfaced in the deep. There are no signs of life. You are now tasked...

Super Mega Tournament Arc!, by groggydog (2022)
(5 ratings)
TWO YORK CITY, THE YEAR 21XX The Super Mega Tournament at the Super Mega Dome is your last shot to pay off your debt with the city’s most notorious gangster. Do you have what it takes to...

ᕁ᙮ᕁᕽᕽ CozmoPets ᕽᕽᕁ᙮ᕁ, by groggydog (2023)
(4 ratings)
FIVE hundred words or less (as part of the Neo Twiny Jam) FOUR pets to care for THREE unique endings TWO pre-pet stages (egg and slime) ONE cosmically good time (Click the TM button to restart the...

PROSPER.0, by groggydog (2024)
You are a corporate drone tasked with purging poetry from CORPOTECH's Database of Subsumed Cultures. But when a mysterious interloper hacks into your console, you're faced with an escalating series...

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