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Wonderfully written and engaging story, January 16, 2016
by 24Fanatic (Charlotte, NC)

While I have only played through to two of the eighteen possible endings in this game, I felt I should go ahead and review it based on the merits I have experienced thus far. Both the writing and the plot in this game are first rate, and I was sucked into the story almost immediately. The dialogue is fantastic, and good thing, too, since the entire point of this game is conversation. I felt like I was reading a well written novel, not playing a game. But for Alabaster this works fantastically. The replay value is very high, as well. On my second play through, the story was COMPLETELY different from my first go around. I will definitely be spending much more time with this game, and I look forward to the other stories in this series, as well.

A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in producing this. The quality is top notch, and your passion for the genre and quality of the finished story shines through!