The Day I hugged Ghandi

by Marius Müller profile

Episode 4 of the Alex and Paul series
Romance , Humour , Horror

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Not a good game, but still enjoyable, July 13, 2018
by Karl Ove Hufthammer (Bergen, Norway)

This is the fourth instalment in the series of short games about Alex and Paul. Once again, it’s New Year's Eve, but this time we’re not at a party at Paul’s house, but on a yacht off the coast of Florida – next to Voodoo Island …

The good parts first: The humour of the previous games is still present. The new setting is refreshing, and the puzzles make sense and are nicely motivated (but implementation issues make them moderately hard to solve). And it’s just fun to follow the continuing adventures of the (now married) Alex and Paul!

The bad parts: Technically, the game is similar to first three games. That is, there are lots of unimplemented objects, ‘guess the verb’ situations, spelling mistakes and bad grammar and punctuation. It really isn’t a good game (and it would need a lot of QA work to become one).

Even so, I actually had fun playing The Day I hugged Ghandi. But I think you’ll probably appreciate this game the most if you’re familiar with the story and the writing style of the three previous The Day I … games. And if you liked them, you’re probably going to enjoy this one too!

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