Santa's Sleigh Ride

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Up On The Housetop ..., January 4, 2009
by Ghalev (Northeastern PA, United States)

This is a very brief, cheerful introductory IF, and the object is simple enough: youíre Santa Claus, atop your last house. Deliver the goods and youíre done for the year. This little confection can be completed in less than a dozen turns if youíre in a hurry to get back to the North Pole, and there are barely any puzzles to speak of: just a couple of straightforward obstacles with clear solutions. This (and the gameís family-friendly tone) makes the game suitable for even very young players.

I do wish a few extra commands were supported, especially those that rewarded exploration. Itís not terribly important that PUT PRESENTS UNDER TREE isnít understood (since the required method is easy to figure out), but it would have been cool to get festive (or even silly) responses to my attempts to chat with Rudolph, pet the family dog, or even (I'm such a Grinch) steal the tree.

IF vets wonít find any challenge here, but itís a pleasant couple of minutes. There is no heavy narrative, no mystery to uncover, and no serious danger to face. There are a few cute moments, and then itís all done.