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More interactive than most IF, May 20, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

So there you are, the hot girl with the car out of gas. And you need to find your way home.

There are apparently several different ways to get home, and deal with certain NPCs, which range from the tame to the raunchy. To be fair, the game doesn't start getting R rated until you make it that way.

The game is well written, and though you might get frustrated with how easy it is to die, that just goes to show why it's dangerous to be alone in the desert all day.

I was really surprised with the level of detail everything got, while still maintaning the very simple task of getting home. Definately NOT like photopia, by the same author, which I had played first.

Worth a playthruogh, and another, and another, as you try to find the multiple ways to get home, and there are plenty of little "easter eggs" to find. Things are well implemented- I don't run into too many situations where the parser had trouble, though carrying capacity is kind of low, it's realistic (you aren't AFGNCAAP, after all!).

PS. I wouldn't reccomend the game to children.

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