Life as a cat

by waffle0eater


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- Simon Deimel (Germany), June 1, 2014

Cute Idea Horribly Obscured By Poor Implementation, February 28, 2014

It's a cute idea with cute art that would be perfect to share with kids if it weren't written in near gibberish. It's obvious the author enjoyed writing it and knew what he was trying to say, and plot events happen in a logical way, which actually makes the butchering of the English language far more frustrating that it would be otherwise.

Mistakes like "unfortionatly" and sentences like "You went in and saw the creature with some kind of sharp thing making a hole in the glass, then put some beautiful jewelries in the sack! but you sack the sack has a cat picture on it, and you thought, it must be for me!" show the author wasn't even trying.

Technical implementation is equally terrible but at least it's simple -- directions are used for all but a few objects ("go down to push the button", for example). This should have been written as a CYOA.

To the author; please, please find a more suitable system (have you looked at Twine?), proofread it, get someone else to proofread it (twice), and make this the game it should be.

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