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- Hobat, December 16, 2010

- Narcisse, November 26, 2010

- juliet360 (Louisiana), November 24, 2010

- Sophronisba, November 8, 2010

- Softbagel, October 23, 2010

- Stumpy (A maze of twisty little passages, all alike (apart from the one I'm currently in)), October 3, 2010

- Aaron (Lille, France), August 29, 2010

- Clemency Jones (England), August 26, 2010

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), August 24, 2010

- Brian Lavelle (Edinburgh, Scotland), August 20, 2010

- Muskie, August 11, 2010

- Joel Webster (Madison, WI), July 26, 2010

- Juleske, July 20, 2010

- SarahTheEntwife (USA), July 6, 2010

- G.D. Lascelle (UK), May 19, 2010

- Patrick M. McCormick (United States), May 4, 2010

- Christopher Bogs, April 21, 2010

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Not just A Fairy Tale, April 13, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

I'll be honest- when I first saw this game, I wasn't too excited about it. It seemed like it would be some kind of Beauty and the Beast knockoff about love and conversation with NPCs more than the cave crawl I've come to love.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

Emily Short has taken many IF tropes and made them wonderful again. The dark maze is here, with a twist (Spoiler - click to show) you can listen to find your way around , you have the abandonitus of being in this huge castle alone, and there are puzzles to solve, keys to find, areas to unlock. It may not have been in the Zork universe, but I had all the excitement I had when I first played Zork I some 20 years ago.

What's more, she makes things so EASY for you, at least as far as annoying actions. Doors are automatically unlocked if you have the key, and opened. None of those annoying "that door is closed" messages. You can "go to" a specific room, or "find" a specific item, going back to where it was. When lost in the maze, you can be reminded what direction you came FROM, and when using the GO TO command, it tells you what directions and rooms you passed getting to your location. These little things really make the game more fun, as it avoids the tedium of moving back from room to room. If only Zork I had that...

Anyway, if, like me, you were wary of the game because of the title and premise- don't be. It's a fun puzzle game with plenty of flashbacks to provide a deep and well written story.

- Azazel, April 6, 2010

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
A fairytale retelling not to be missed, April 1, 2010
by Danielle (The Wild West)

I'm one of those readers who LOVES to see the traditional European fairytales (Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Rapunzel et al) retold. I've read nearly all of Donna Jo Napoli's retellings, and I seek out more retellings in that vein everytime I hit the library.

BRONZE is a retelling of "Beauty and the Beast." Besides being a superb example of IF as a game, it has a great original backstory that weaves through the original story, one that adds an extra layer of intrigue to the original setup.

Add to that original backstory Short's evocative writing, and you've got yourself a winner.

- Matt Poush (Des Moines, Iowa), March 3, 2010

- Mjolnyr, February 17, 2010

- Sam Kabo Ashwell (Seattle), February 15, 2010

- Sorrel, February 10, 2010

- Genjar (Finland), January 13, 2010

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