The King of Shreds and Patches

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Game Adaption/Horror/Lovecraftian/Historical

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Highly enjoyable, mildly frustrating, July 7, 2015
by Julia Myer (USA)

For those of us who cherish the great city of London, and have always wanted to experience it in all its 17th century glory (or filth), this game will satisfy the craving.

Massive, suspenseful, detailed game. Wonderfully thorough NPC conversations. Historical and geographical gems. Built-in hints range from gentle prods to downright spoilers, but very useful for beginners or the occaisional stumpers. Puzzles almost always are intuitive and logically make use of games plot and surroundings. Learning how to operate a 400-year-old printing press is priceless.

My one frustration was missing an important clue/item mid-way and figuring out at the very end of the game that Id have to replay a large portion. Granted, I prefer games that make it clear when there is no way for you to finish at least after some reasonable length of time, not after many hours.

Ending seemed a bit cliched after such beautiful buildup and intricately detailed beginnings, which is my only reason for not giving 5 stars.

Take aways: great for beginners and history lovers. Suspenseful enough to make up for minor plot and puzzle issues.