When in Rome 1: Accounting for Taste

by Emily Short profile

Episode 1 of When in Rome
Science Fiction

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Oddly short, July 6, 2019
by simuloid (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

The quality of this game was top-notch, as one expects from Emily Short. I was stuck in the first prompt long enough to lose the first time I tried playing the game. I am not new to interactive fiction, but I must admit I've never been good at guessing the verbs and nouns I'm supposed to use in novel situations. I used the built-in help, but it was too generic to help me at the first prompt.
After I restarted, I determined to take my time and really think about what I was supposed to do and got past the first puzzle. That experience was longer than the 15 minutes the game was supposed to take. The rest of the game was pretty easy for me.
So 5-star quality, minus 1 star for what for me were inadequate hints for how to act at the first prompt, minus 1 star for not being a bit longer, perhaps (Spoiler - click to show)adding another round or two of the pick the creature's home-world game.