Night City 2020

by Hoper


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A faithful French Twine translation of a Cyberpunk roleplaying game, January 31, 2019
by MathBrush
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This game is an odd one out in the French IF Comp. It seems to be a direct adaptation of a pre-existing Cyberpunk gamebook.

Because of this, the content size is enormous, with pages often having numerous paragraphs or in-depth conversations, with a minimal number of choices, each retaining their 'turn to page 182' text from the gamebook. The author made the choice of deleting choices which ask if you have a certain item that you don't, resulting in lots of text and few choices.

This made a stark contrast with the other Twine games, which feature more choice and less text. Both are good, but the text seemed also to have been written by a professional author, and just copied and pasted by Hoper (the pseudonym this was entered under). For some reason, I found that less appealing than 'fresh' IF. I can read a standard professional book author any day, but earnest amateur IF writing is harder to come by, and, in my personal opinion, more valuable.

Overall, I may have just been overwhelmed as a non-native speaker. I enjoyed it, but the first two pages had more text than the entirety of some of the other games in this comp, making it difficult for me as a non-native to read without getting fatigued.

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Stephane F., February 1, 2019 - Reply
Actually this is the Twine version of a gamebook, you're right - whose author is precisely that Hoper guy.
MathBrush, February 1, 2019 - Reply
Really? His writing is very good, then. I'm impressed.

I still don't like the gamebook 'feel', personally, but his writing sounds novel-quality.
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