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No longer available, January 28, 2020
by Gamerlearner
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The links now just point to some kind of gaming spam site.

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Drink that milk, November 11, 2014

This was confusing-- what am I saying? this was Porpentine. It had evocative hints of a bigger... world? story? Of a bigness. And little lines from the text stuck with me for days, like a song I couldn't shake off.

It was interactive and catchy, but there was no game element. No, I take that back. It had, spread liberally over the text, gamelike elements. Inventory lists. Other bits. It's like a narrative of playing a game, from the inside and the wrong point of view. Which fits the theme I took away very well, so I'm keeping it.

Anyhow, it's a worthy way to spend a few minutes.

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Wild ride, April 20, 2014

I really love Porpentine's writing: it's always very sharp, blunt, and very evocative, both in the ideas/situations and in the way those are told. A very intriguing, fascinating repetition sets up a great twist, a big change that carries you powerfully. In the end, still don't really know what happened (I'm guessing a lot of it are metaphors, or used to convey an emotion or state of mind rather than facts - and with Porpentine's words, it works), but really enjoyed the experience.

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A Present from Porpentine, February 14, 2013
by Danielle (The Wild West)

Remarkable how the succinct sentences evoke such vivid images. I also enjoyed the structure of the work, especially with the Twine format...In parts where (Spoiler - click to show)there's only a link-sentence onscreen, and when you click it, it changes to another link-sentence it gives a really exciting sense of motion.

(Spoiler - click to show)Music scared the crap out of me, though!

I have little idea of what happened, but I enjoyed the ride! I think I'm turning into a fan.

(Happy Porpentine's Day to you, too, Porp!)

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