Der Doppelgänger

by Alexander Klimon


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Meh, August 24, 2023

An interesting story frame, to say something positive. A very cliché-ridden fantasy world. Quite some slips of the pen - wrong genders, pronouns without attributions etc. The playthrough I chose was very, very dull (Spoiler - click to show)("Patriarch-Bischof, you're evil!" - "Yeah right, sorry. Won't happen again." - "Okay bye!") but other paths may be more interesting. Contains music that suits very well. I wish the author would work on a parser game with emphasis on the game world, for imho that's where he shines.

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Nomad, May 28, 2023 - Reply
Which hate? I'm mentioning positive and negative things I notice during playing. "Interesting story frame". "other paths may be more interesting". "music that suits very well". "that's where he shines". Which hate?

For the record, you seem to know someone named Florian who doesn't like you or your game. That's not me.
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