Three Rogues Fight Death

by Solvig Choi


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A gauntlet-style retelling of a Chaucer story, November 7, 2021
by MathBrush
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This game, entered in Ectocomp 2021, is a brief Twine game in which you recreate the Chaucer story The Pardoner's Tale as one of the main characters.

For most of the game you have two choices: follow the story, or go off the rails. Going off the rails generally results in your death. There is no undo, so you'll have to replay, which can be mildly slow due to some timed text but not too bad.

There are three main endings: death, the traditional Chaucer ending, and, the game insinuates, a victorious ending, which I eventually found.

I think the Chaucer original is neat. The gauntlet story structure here was a bit rough, since you saw the same text over and over again and the extra deaths didn't really add much value. It was essentially a 'do you want to continue the story or start over from the beginning?' button.

The layout was a bit hard to read, with some paragraphs being centered and the lower paragraphs being left-justified. Also, the author used a serifed font on a pure-black background, both of which made it harder to read.

There were many stats displayed but they were a bit confusing. At one point I think I had -3 money.

Overall, the strongest points here are the interesting story and the characters.

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