The Awakening: Prologue to the Saturn Chronicles

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Part of The Saturn Chronicles
Science Fiction

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Meh., August 24, 2023

Story: The prologue of the The Awakening series (that never came to life) doesn't have much of a story. You start in an every day situation, then you are transported into a sci-fi world, and then the prologue is over. Would one want to know more? Not me. 2/5.

Writing: Solid minimalism. Decent by late 1990's standard, but this one was written in 2010. Almost a 3, but quite a few stylistic bloopers. 2/5.

Puzzles: Game's on rails, and it's only seven moves to the end, so there's not that much puzzle to place. 1/5.

Implementation: That little game that there is is implemented solidly. Parser fails if you try odd stuff, but you don't have you, so it's... sufficient. 3/5.

Fun: Ends before it can become interesting. 1/5.

The verdict: 1.9/5 - A bad experience. But then, it's the author's first (and only, as it seems) attempt at writing IF. I bet chapter two would have been a 2.9.

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