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Outside, the getaway to starting witchcraft and meeting strangers, March 7, 2024
by manonamora
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The Curse of Unatxi Kamala is a binksi purely kinetic entry following the eponymous character, a Spanish witch, as she visits Glastonbury, the UK witchcraft capital and has a strange encounter. The game calls itself smut, and the crux of the story does revolve around its main explicit scene.

Sandwiched between the teenager’s recollections of uncomfortable pasts, description of the present visit, and hopeful dreams of the future, is a raw depiction of strangers meeting, flirting, and getting down and dirty in a forest. It really does not shy away from being explicit, showing the yearnings, the physicality, and even the awkward uttered words.

I also liked the retro/vcr-effect interface. It gave it an eerie vibe.

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