Hard Puzzle

by Ade McT profile

Episode 1 of Hard Puzzle Trilogy
Science Fiction

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Total waste of effort, September 20, 2020

Some other reviews here treat the Hard Puzzle series with a tone of mysticism. I agree that the game is interesting and seeps out a profound sense of horror. However, this is ruined by the fact that the game's solution is dumb, unclued, guess-the-verb (despite being a standard verb), and not interesting at all.

After examining the Glulx strings, I beat the game and regretted all the effort I had put in so far. I'm very glad I disassembled the game rather than continued to try things. (Spoiler - click to show)The solution is one command long. In my opinion, it is an implementation bug that the game responds to (Spoiler - click to show)"u" with (Spoiler - click to show)"You can't go that way."

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MathBrush, September 20, 2020 - Reply
Just as a heads up, the Second Hard Puzzle specifically was designed so Glulx Strings won't help you, and it also has a dumb unclued answer.

The Third Game benefits slightly from decompiling, and fits in well with the first two's type of solution.

The Fourth Game includes an in-game version of decompiling as a joke about how people had to decompile the other games, and its solution is a ton of little puzzles instead of one small one.
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