Into the Lair

by Kenna


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Essentially a twine version of a vampire table top RPG module, June 1, 2019
by MathBrush
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This game has all the hallmarks of a D&D or Vampire: the Masquerade boxed adventure. A short backstory about why youíre seeking revenge, a quest giver, a maze-like dungeon, NPCs for battling and talking with, a vampire boss, traps, treasure and magical items.

This isnít typical of most IFComp games, but itís what I played around with a lot growing up, so I had a nostalgia factor while playing this.

Going back to the same parts over and over again was a bit frustrating, and it can be difficult to strategize. Death and failure are easy, while success is not.

Overall, I see this as a successful game.

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