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A grim game about torture and abuse, November 23, 2023
by MathBrush
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This ectocomp game was written using Twine.

It's a fairly short game about a man who has kidnapped a woman and a child and hurts them repeatedly. The game indulges in his verbal and physical abuse, almost reveling in it.

There is a slight supernatural element to the game which is stronger in some endings, but mostly this game just seems to serve up unpleasantries, and not in the service of some greater narrative; the torture seems to be the point.

It is polished and descriptive. However, the interactivity is a little bit weird; after one ending I looked around at the code, and it's pretty hard to figure out which action will lead to which result.

Emotionally, it was affecting, as I had a strong negative reaction to it.

I believe this author has a good writing talent, but different people have different tastes, and I'm not the target audience here.

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