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Zero-G Escape Room, October 14, 2023

I don't have much experience with parser games, but this one felt right to me in many ways. It's not a complete game, but it does a lot of things well.

The game starts out with you playing the role of a cosmonaut, adrift in space. Oxygen is running low and the situation is pretty dire. Somehow, someway, you must figure out how to save yourself.

What I liked about the game is that by having practically no environment to really explore, you are forced to envision yourself being in that scenario in order to progress. What can you possibly observe or do while floating in space, trapped in your space suit? By getting in that headspace, the answers start to become clear.

The only things holding this game back from a higher rating are the few unfinished parts (I wanted more things to do) and a lack of adequate synonyms for commands. There was one puzzle that had me stumped for a bit (and trying other, less obvious actions all the while) because I didn't type the command as the author had envisioned. I eventually figured it out though and survived the crisis.

At the end of the day, I really enjoyed this game. I felt like I was the one who was trapped in a space suit, with limited oxygen, floating in the void of space. Some games make me feel as if I'm controlling someone else, but I felt really engaged while playing this one.

I also like games that do more with less. I hope to play more games from this author.

Pro Tip: I made the game go fullscreen, but there were still white bars on either side. So I opened the browser's inspector and edited the CSS to make the background black outside the game area… and only then did I feel like I was floating in space. I totally IMAXed this game. ;-)

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